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Cloudland Vineyards + Winery was founded on the virtue of hard work and a love for getting our hands dirty. We follow a “growers first” mentality built on the importance of site-specific viticulture and an emphasis on research, trial and error, and authentic winemaking. While farming and winemaking are at the core of what we do, we also strive to bring a brand-new, approachable wine experience to Georgia — all from our 11.5-acre home in southern Hall County, an unexpected urban setting miles away from Georgia Wine Country.

Located in Buford, our vineyards grow along the ridge of the Eastern Continental Divide and benefit from constant air circulation and perfect drainage. In short, it’s a premier foundation to organically nourish and grow grapes. Plus, it upholds our philosophy around site-specific vineyards, and sets the stage for our team to build an epic vineyard portfolio.

Bathed in sunlight from sun up to sun down, our vineyards are primed to create some of the best wines possible in Georgia. And that’s the goal: To remove the stigma surrounding Georgia wines and elevate our state to the same tier as wines from France, California, and Italy. With a focus on finding the perfect grape variety for our specific vineyard location, we have researched different grapes that will grow in tune with Mother Nature and not fight against it. We found what we were looking for with Lomanto, a grape that physiologically performs well in Georgia’s climate and produces a red wine that’s bright and complex — a perfect starting point for us to build a roster of Georgia-specific wines.

Through a culmination of our entrepreneurial drive, years of hard work in the industry, and the relationships we’ve fostered along the way, Cloudland Vineyards + Winery officially opened its doors in October 2020. Our goal is for Cloudland to become a beloved neighborhood winery built on the pillars of kindness (both to each other and to the environment), friendship, authenticity, and an emphasis on single-vineyard, single-variety wines. In that spirit, we’re working to cultivate a wine scene in Gwinnett County that bypasses the pretension often associated with wine for a welcoming, come-as-you-are vibe that embraces everyone, all while focusing on sustainable wine farming and education.

We welcome visitors of all backgrounds, whether you’re new to wine or a self-proclaimed connoisseur. Come and experience our community with a glass of wine among the natural backdrop of rows of grapevines, a family of chickens meandering about the property, and live music setting the scene for a truly enjoyable evening — one that falls somewhere between the clouds and the land below. Cheers!